Residential Architecture

Bigger is not always better, exceptional design and quality is.

Residential Architecture

We have the skill, understanding and leadership to execute a project individually or collectively as a team.

Commercial Architecture

We are in the business of building trust.

Commercial Architecture

Projects that are not within the client’s budget are projects that don’t get built.

Interior Design

Simplicity in design, executed well, becomes timeless.

Interior Design

There are no gaps between architecture, interior design and landscape. Done well, they are seamless.

About Us

innovation with purpose driven solutions

Studio 9 Architecture is a provider of planning, design and delivery solutions for the built environment. We offer Architecture and Interior Design services as our core business. We also provide a strategic partnership of skilled professionals adding further resources and capabilities as a single source of responsibility.

Solutions right for you

Architecture is problem solving elevated to an art form. It’s a problem solving effort for people that requires skill, understanding, process and leadership.

Experience matters

All of our backgrounds come from large firms supported on an administrative and hierarchal organization that is conventional. Through trial and experience, Studio9 was founded on a better way for success.

A streamlined approach

We eliminate the managerial process, have straight communication and can respond directly to project requirements. This translates the vision to the decisions and technical details that reduce cost.

Our Team

Studio9 has the skill, understanding and leadership to execute a project individually or collectively as a team. We are your conduit communicating your needs and desires into an inspired living/working environment.

What Clients Say

  • I’ve worked with the architects and design team at Studio9 for over 20 years. Their team’s knowledge encompasses commercial design to complex custom residential design and construction. For their residential design services, they continue to bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to produce exceptional homes. They have and continue to focus on their clients’ needs by showing their attention to detail and constructability while maintaining an owner’s budget. I highly recommend them as your architect.

    Tim Owen
  • I’ve used Studio 9 for several large scale architectural and interior design projects. Their creativity, refined taste, attention to detail and focus on leading edge concepts and technologies are among their strengths. The principals remain involved in most aspects of each undertaking, careful to provide their expertise in an understanding working relationship to move a client’s goals forward.

    Coen Purvis
  • I’ve worked with Studio 9 on many project over the years. They have done a great job on projects of all sizes. They are unique in their ability to bring creative design concepts in on budget and on time. They are very knowledgeable. No suprises. I highly recommend them.

    Alex Coley
  • I’ve had the pleasure to provide Interior Design services to Studio9 for several high end residential projects. I admire the quality and thoughtfulness of the work they produce. Professionally, they are a joy to work with working efficiently and conveying in detail their pride in the project. Studio9 continually produces award winning designs that not only meet, but exceed their clients needs, while maintaining consideration of the established budget. Given the passion and skills they displayed, I would highly recommend their services.

    designmind, llc