Hendricks Avenue Church

Hendricks Avenue Church

Architecture / Interior Design

Owner:   Hendricks Avenue Baptist Church
Location:   Jacksonville, Florida
Completion Date: 2009
Construction Cost: $7,250,000

Seating Capacity: 520

32 Rank Organ
LEED Certified

Originally built in the 1960’s, Hendricks Avenue Baptist Church (HAB) in Jacksonville, Florida was destroyed by an early morning electrical fire in December 2007. The new sanctuary uses a transept design; this design will enable the congregants to be closer to the front of the sanctuary so they can participate in worship activities and will also create an intimate feeling of a smaller worship location. The sanctuary’s focal point is the “Welcoming Christ” stained glass window that can be viewed by passersby as they travel in either direction along Hendricks Avenue.

The church groundbreaking was held October 2008 and the first service in the new sanctuary was held on December 23, 2009 – two years to the day of the tragic fire.