Fernandina Beach Residence

Fernandina Beach Residence

Architecture / Interior Design

4,500 sf Oceanfront Home

2 Lots and Pool

The house plan is unconventionally stacked with living areas located on the top level and bedrooms on the second. The third floor contains the living room, kitchen and an office which have panoramic views of the ocean and the surroundings. Reflecting the owner’s lifestyle, the kitchen is the central placement. 

Responding to the Florida conditions and climate, moisture management is addressed with a rain screen envelope consisting wood siding and galvanized corrugated metal panels on furring with air space. In the hot months, exterior wall convective air flow provide for a 40% more energy efficient space when compared to average regional electric rates on a sq. ft. basis.

Crushed granite gravel will be used for the driveway maintaining the pervious quality of the surrounding grade for rain water drainage. A non-irrigated lawn will be planted and artificial turf will be utilized.