220 Riverside / Unity Plaza

Unity Plaza

Urban Planning / Architecture / Interior Design

Owner:   City of Jacksonville

Developer: Nai Hallmark Partners
Location:   Jacksonville, Florida
Completion Date:   Under construction
Construction Cost:   $11,000,000

  • Economic impact of public improvement and development activity
  • $11M Public Improvement Plan
  • Public park | pedestrian and open space
  • Streetscape | landscape and COJ standards
  • Public | private partnerships adjacencies and design interface
  • Regulatory and proprietary permit strategies.
  • Outdoor furnishings, landscape, lighting, wayfinding and public art.

The city park creates the anchor to Riverside mixed-use development.  A concrete retaining wall will be constructed around the existing retention pond.  A double row of trees will encircle the pond creating a unique shaded pedestrian path through the plaza.  A monumental fountain will be the focus of the plaza center giving hierarchy to the park focus.  An amphitheater for approximately 1000 people will be constructed along one edge of the pond interacting with the pedestrian plaza space and the adjacent restaurant/retail spaces. 

220 Riverside Ave

Urban Planning / Architecture / Interior Design

Mixed Use Development

Owner:  MAA Communities

Develper:  Nai Hallmark Partners / Bristol Development

Cost:  $39,500,000

Completion:  2016

Studio9 Architecture and Hallmark Partners recently broke ground on 220 Riverside, a mixed-use development in the city’s historic Brooklyn neighborhood. The 220 Riverside project will feature a 294-unit, seven-story multifamily rental housing development, a 386-space parking garage and 18,000 square feet of retail space, all centered around a community park.

The 220 Riverside project represents a $39.5 million investment into property that has long been vacant. It will spur economic growth in this distressed area and serve as a catalyst for future redevelopment. Additionally, the 220 Riverside project will serve as an important point of connection as the revitalization of historic Brooklyn will expand the housing and entertainment venues of Riverside and Avondale into the downtown core.

In addition to increasing housing and retail space in downtown, 220 Riverside will feature an adjacent urban park that will operate under a unique public-private partnership. Part of Hallmark Partners’ rental proceeds from the retail portion of the development will fund ongoing park maintenance and operational expenses. The park will be operated, managed and owned by a nonprofit created by Hallmark Partners. Approximately the size of a football field and able to accommodate more than 1,000 people, the park will support more than 250 days of programming and special events throughout the year.